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Take Your Retirement Planning Game to the Next Level

Building stronger advisors through education, training, and support from experts in retirement, tax, estate, and social security planning.

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Stay ahead of the curve.

A holistic approach to retirement planning with comprehensive resources and expertise helps you navigate complex regulations, reduce risk, and maximize your clients’ retirement income.

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Cut through the complexity.

Simplifying complex ideas makes them stick. Build a comprehensive knowledge base so you can give your clients the support they need when it comes to making solid retirement decisions.

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Stand out from your competitors.

With advanced retirement planning support, education, and training, you’ll be able to offer customized solutions by catering to your clients’ unique goals, challenges, and concerns.

Take the “Advanced” Out of Advanced Markets

Today’s advanced markets are rapidly evolving, and it feels impossible to keep up. You already have a lot on your plate, and a single misstep could cost your client money and affect your reputation. So how are you supposed to stay updated on advanced planning strategies and regulations that govern them without falling behind or getting overwhelmed?

We’re here to ease that burden with expert consultation and education for financial and tax professionals. Reduce stress, minimize costly mistakes, and build comprehensive financial strategies for your clients with a retirement planning expert from HLS Retirement Consulting in your corner.

Tax code and social security planning aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we eat, drink, and dream this stuff. We thrive on it, so you don’t have to. You deserve the support, training, and coaching you need to be a rockstar with your client.

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Services We Provide

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Add an expert in retirement, tax, estate, and social security planning to your team without adding to your payroll instantly giving you more confidence for every client engagement.

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Develop the skills to identify your clients’ needs and reach your professional goals in financial planning with coaching from an expert resource with comprehensive industry knowledge.

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Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Find success while minimizing mistakes with resources that take an educational approach to the entire financial analysis process. Learn the ins and outs of the market and know you are prepared to tackle any challenge your clients bring.

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Educational Content

Position yourself as the subject matter expert with our white-label educational series. We provide consumer-facing materials, white-label seminar packages, and educational materials to break down complex concepts that are easy for you and your clients to understand.

Helping Clients Plan for Retirement Is No Easy Feat

Our sole purpose is to empower advisors to help their clients make informed decisions.

Get the tools and strategies you need to succeed in today’s complex and dynamic markets with advanced retirement planning support, education, and training to find the best solution for your clients’ needs and lifestyles.

Areas of Expertise

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • IRA Distribution Planning
  • Social Security Planning
  • Annuity Taxation and Structure
  • IRS Reporting
  • Legacy Planning
  • Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans
  • Charitable Giving
  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning
  • Tax Mitigation Techniques
  • Use of Trusts
  • Business Succession Planning
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Your behind-the-scenes advanced planning expert is just a quick phone call away.

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Contact us.

Contact us, and let's chat. The team at HLS Retirement Consulting works with elite advisors and firms who want to take their retirement offerings to the next level.

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We'll get to know each other.

We'll dig in and learn how you run your practice. Then, we'll custom-build a program designed for you or your firm's specific needs so you can get back to taking care of your clients.

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Breathe easy.

You have a secret weapon in your corner with all the retirement planning expertise you need to wow your clients. We focus on the technical details so that you can focus on what you do best - building lasting relationships with your clients.

What Our Clients Say...

Stay ahead of the curve with Social Security Advisor.

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